// projects

The association manages since its creation a series of projects for ecotourism, protection of the environment, and improving living conditions of local populations. Find below some of these actions.

// Projects of the AVEN

Partnership with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation
The Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) is dedicated to securing a future for all giraffe populations and (sub)species in the wild.

As part of partnership activities AVEN-GCF, the AVEN has purchased in Niamey from cloth to make suits as well as coats and boots for members of the association. In addition, the purchase of straw bales to market Babouddaye was needed to repair the roofs of two hangars.

Find the web site of partner AVEN: www.giraffeconservation.org

Purchase of cloths, coats and boots in Niamey
Photo: AVEN, 2015

  Distribution of purchases to members of AVEN
Photo: AVEN, 2015

Repairing the roof hangars
Photo: AVEN, 2015
  Repair is complete roofing hangars
Photo: AVEN, 2015


Request for the fight against pollution
The members have contacted travel agencies, hotels, government, NGOs (national and international) as well as local companies (such as transportation, manufacturing) to have their financial support for the fight against pollution and environmental degradation.


Development of an ecotourism project in the nature reserve of giraffes in Niger Koure
This program is based on the group's financial commitment "Ready to Go" (France) as part of its social and environmental responsibility and specifically under the principle of carbon his company and its clients compensation.
It is supported by the NGO Niger My Zaada (France) in partnership with AVEN in charge of the project has three components:

  • The revegetation tray Kouré and Dallol Bosso by planting 20,000 trees on a total area of 40 hectares;
  • The development and promotion of ecotourism in the reserve;
  • Solidarity action in the field of water for the benefit of the affected villages of the reserve.

Find the web sites of partners AVEN: www.pretapartir.fr and www.nigermazaada.asso.fr

Realization of postcards
To propose a wider choice of souvenirs to the visitors, the AVEN created postcards staging the last giraffes white with western Africa. This project testifies of the importance which guides have for the sauvergarde of giraffes. Below, you will find the models of postcards on sale in the offices of guides to Koure.

Postcards of giraffes peralta (*.pdf, 2.1Mo)

Photo: Arnaud Pernet, 2010   Photo: Christine Savary, 2009


The reduction of conflict man-giraffe
Indeed, the coexistence of giraffes with the local population is not easy, because the giraffes tend to deal with cultures, a project has been established by the AVEN. The planting of wild melons, composing 20% coverage of the plateau, was installed as trial phase to avoid the giraffes going to feed on village crops.

Wild melon, a delicacy for the giraffes
Photo: Nancy Eicher, 2009
  Details on the seeds of wild melons
Photo: Laurent Savary, 2010


The monitoring and protection of giraffes
Various activities are undertaken in this area, with among others the cremation of the body of the giraffe died, in order to curb the epidemics in livestock. Poaching, though declining, is unfortunately a reality, and practice the form of deductions on the Giraffe parts for traditional medicines.

A giraffe looking for leaves of locust tree
Photo: Laurent Savary, 2010
  Giraffe in a field of millet in dry periods
Photo: Nancy Eicher, 2009


Outreach to area youth
Organising events to raise awareness among local people, as a sporting event (soccer games) with the primary schools of the nature reserve Kouré.

The development of the site
Activities such as other circuits (ballad by donkeys or camels, with a chance to sleep in the reserve). Moreover, in order to complete the tour by giraffe's aspects composing his environment, be aware of the existence of the reserve sacred baobab trees, birds of Africa (Roli Abyssinia; Coukal of Senegal which is the symbol the region; robin long metal tail hawk, etc.), pools, Dallol Bosso, and giant termite mounds.

The bar, infrastructure for visitors
Photo: Laurent Savary, 2010
  A giant termite mound 3 feet high
Photo: Julie Muller, 2010