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The Association for the Valorisation of the Ecotourism in Niger (AVEN) includes guides of the last white giraffes in West Africa. The office is located in Koure, about sixty kilometers from Niamey, direction to Dossi on the N1 route.

The association was founded on the 12th July 2000 (decree n° 206/MI/AT/DAPJ/SA), and regroups 18 members with different qualifications. Among them, guides, drivers, ornithologists, as well as French-English bilingual guides.

The AVEN contributes heavily to protect the white giraffes, and among other economic goals, social and cultural rights include:

- Regular monitoring of giraffes all year plateau in Koure Dallol Bosso.

- Participation in the annual count of giraffes.

- Awareness of local people to live together and heritage conservation.

- Protecting the environment by fighting against pollution of the site.

- Planting of acacias promoting regeneration and struggling against the wind and water erosion.

- Maintaining and creating jobs in the reserve.